About the Gallery
Robert Rienzo, Bernard Buffet & Leroy Nieman
Jean Jansem, April 1997
when the artist asked Monica and Jessica Rienzo to sit for him
Robert Rienzo & Suzanne Eisendieck
February 1997
Robert Rienzo & René Pasero
Philippe David, Robert Rienzo and Jacques Gasbarian
Galerie Maurice Garnier, Paris
February 4, 2004
Mr. David Klein: Expert & Author of: “The Works by Edouard Cortes” ( right), Robert Rienzo, expert on Bernard Buffet (left) & Jean Zimmermann, an international art dealer.
Bernard Buffet Exhibiton 2001 -  Galerie Rienzo
Robert Rienzo, second from right with Bernard Buffet, his wife Annabelle Buffet & Maurice Garnier
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday: 10:30 A.M. - 5 P.M. and by appointment.

The gallery is located near the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Frick Collection and the Metropolitan Museum.

After being in the art business for many years, Robert Rienzo opened Galerie Rienzo in 1985. In all these years, he has built an impressive clientele of international private and corporate collectors.

Robert Rienzo specializes in the School of Paris and is the exclusive representative of Bernard Buffet for the United States. He is also the expert.

Art Fairs
2004 - Los Angeles Art Show, Santa Monica, CA - October 14-17
Galerie Rienzo's booth
Los Angeles Art Show
Santa Monica, CA - 2004
2003 - The Art of the 20th Century Fair, at the Armory, New York City
Galerie Rienzo's booth
Art of the 20th Century Fair
New York, Armory - 2003